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​Testimonials from clients. 

Tom Young


What a fantastic way to learn about cooking traditional Indian food, I would definitely recommend.

Jayne  Dyson


A superb afternoon of relexed and fun cooking.
Dispels the mystery of Indian cooking.

Rob   Whittingham


The lesson has given me a clear understanding of the principles of Indian cooking.

Alison Bellamy 


A really enjoyable experience relaxed format, easy to follow recipes. I am now confident enough to invite friends over for an authentic Indian meal.

Elaine Grant 

Makes for a fantastic present and well worth every penny. I'll definitely sign up for another lesson.

Mark  Smith 


Shows what you can do, much better to see in real life than trying to follow from a book. Learning how many spices are in each dish and the order to put them in and you get a free spice box fantastic.

Claire Smith


The lesson was a great opportunity to experience real Indian food being cooked & trying it your self. Brilliant! A real Indian experience.

Rick  Follett


Everything was simple and easy to follow. Great tasting food for so little effort. Supportive teacher

Dave Walsh 


Great experience,

 Pressure free cooking. 

 Kate & June


     What a great way to spend Saturday afternoon!
  Hands on and the teacher        was fun.

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