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About Me

My name is Farzana and I am passionate about Indian cooking; the smells, the taste, the art of creating a perfect Indian meal.


From a very young age I have been surrounded by Indian food. Learning to cook Indian food is passed down through generations and my mother created the wonderful authentic dishes that I now cook. Combined with my involvement in education for over a decade has essentially provided me with the credentials to teach my clients how to cook.


My dishes have been perfected over many years, cooking for friends and family  the best and toughest judges of all. Since starting out with Indian home cooking I have taught many clients.I have now become a master of all types of Indian cooking, from traditional curries to more popular dishes like kormas, vindaloos and masalas.


My love for Indian food continues today and I now pass on family secrets of how to create the perfect curry to people in the comfort of their own home. You will learn recipes which you can then pass on to your friends and family.

As well as helping you cook an Indian meal I will also advise you on how to entertain or throw a party Indian-style. 


Curry is Britains favourite takeaway. Cook it for yourself and taste the difference with authentic Indian food made at home. Homemade food always tastes better than any restaurant or takeaway so let me show you just how simple and fun it is to make a fantastic curry.

Farzana Ullah

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